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Ardus Medical
Medical Products by Ardus Allied Autovent 3000™

Allied Ventilator

Allied Ventilator

Allied Autovent 4000™

Save up to 80% on pre-owned Allied Autovent 4000™ ventilators.
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  The Autovent 4000™ is designed for the EMS industries and Emergency/Disaster Prep Kits. The size and weight of the unit lends itself to portability. The ease of operation and connection allow a quick training time. This unit meets ventilator needs from inter and intra hospital transports to sophisticated air rescue. This unit comes in several sub-models each offering more options and abilities

Easy to Use

  • Pneumatically Powered
  • Durable and Light, all basic models less than 5lbs
  • Assembles Quickly
  • Operating Instructions Printed on Case

Multiple Design Options

  • L760 - Base Model
  • L761 - Includes Air Mix Mode
  • L762 - Includes Air Mix Mode and Electronic Alarm Package
  • L763 - Includes Electronic Alarm Package

Base Mode Includes

  • Adjustable Tidal Volume
  • Adjustable BPM
  • Child and Adult Settings
  • Internal Demand Valve
  • Anti-Breath Stacking
  • Manometer Readout
  • Adjustable Pressure Relief with Alarm
  • Low Source Gas Pressure Alarm
  • Color-Coded Labels and Guage for Initial Settings
  • Manual Breath Button
  • 'With CPAP' Available with all Models

We proudly rent, sell, and maintain this equipment. Autovent is a trademark of Allied Instrumentation

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