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Medical Products by Ardus Viasys Infant SIPaP

Viasys Ventilator

Viasys Infant SIPaP Ventilator

Viasys Infant SIPaP

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Infant Flow SiPAP provides NIV support for infants in the form of NCPAP & time triggered BiPhasic modes. Apnea back up is available in BiPhasic Mode. The LCD touch screen displays, Pressure time waveform graphics, patient monitoring, alarms for high and low pressure and FIO2 and up to 2 hours of backup battery power.

The Infant Flow Generator provides the infant the most stable CPAP at the lowest WOB compared to NCPAP through the ventilators

Features of the SiPAP

  • NCPAP: With or without Breath rate monitoring/alarm.
  • BiPhasic: Time triggered pressure assist are delivered based on clinician set I-time, rate and pressure criteria. Breath rate monitoring/alarm can be activated in this mode.
  • Patented Infant Flow Generator – A fluidic device generates consistent infant NCPAP.
  • Alarms:
    • Supply gases failure
    • High and Low Pressure
    • Low RR/apnea alarm.
    • High and low FIO2
    • Change from AC to DC power source
    • Battery charge status
  • Screen Lock – After 120 seconds of no screen input, the screen changes to a Locked Screen to prevent inadvertent changes. Activation of a high priority alarm unlocks device to allow access to controls.
  • Parameter Ranges
    • Itime 0.1 – 3.0 seconds
    • RR 1-54
    • Apnea Interval (TLBR) Total Low Breath Rate – 10-30 seconds
    • NCPAP/ Pressure Low Flow Meter – 0-15L/min, accuracy +/- 15%
    • Pressure High flowmeter – 0-5 L/min, accuracy +/- 15%
    • Manual breath
    • %02 - .21 – 100%

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